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Modding Battlefield 2 is a very popular thing which is very well known and because BF2142 had the same game engine it was just as easy. There have been many great mods released which include very good content that looks just as good as an expasion pack or booster pack content others depending on tyhe maker can be a bit dodgey. If you feel like modding stop of at http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattlefield.gamespy.com/ for tutorials and help. The BFSP Community is mainly modding for SP but they do teach you to skin, Model make all that stuff.

Top 7 Mod List
1. PoE2
2. OPK
3. Allied Intent/AI-X (Allied Intent Xtended {AI-X} Unreleased)
4. Australian Force
5. Project Reality
6. Sandbox 0.4
7. The Sir. Mod
8. Brickfield (Unreleased)

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